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Will be open Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th of December from 10 am to 10 pm for the Christmas on the Harbor 2017 Event.  ~Lightworks~  is located on Warsaw's city square across the street from the courthouse on Van Buren Street. Half a block from Main Street.

Please feel free to ask questions here as that can be helpful for others a well.
Regarding Gordon H. Drake and Drake Harbor

Here's another view of the forum from above - it really is a nice simple pattern of bricks - that's not something you see every day, plus its a mandala

I must admit as I take my morning walks on the Drake Harbor  waterfront I'm constantly impressed with the design of the architecture.
There's a really elegant simple design of bricks at the center of the forum.
Thanks to all that have served, I really could not think of a photograph for this holiday here in Warsaw - where it is so peaceful.

So I'll just post a new mandala from my summer in Zion and leaf it at that.

Sunrise at Warsaw courthouse &  veteran memorial

Reflections at Drake Harbor

Twas, a chilly morn, but made for wonderful mist on Drake Harbor...


even the roses were happy in the chilly morning mist.

This is something I've resisted doing, but this image seemed the place to start. This is a adjusted straight image of Drake Harbor with Osage river and fall tree line.

and this is the same image after using the watercolor filter.....
can't wait tell tomorrow...

Now that I'm settling into a new environ, Warsaw and Truman resivore.
I thought I'd start posting a few photographs of why I want to be here.
I generally do not consider these kinds of photo's art.
For most of my life, I've taken about a thousand images a month, most of them
are like diary entries - and they keep me sharp and tuned into the camera.

after forty years there's a mess of um.
But lets start posting some recent ones of the beautiful environment
that still is here in Warsaw.

This pink house is very much like the one I grew up in. I don't know who owns it, but it's beautiful in the fall colors and damp foggy light of yester...

It also has a very nice front porch something most modern homes have lost....

This is the Drake landing about a block from the gallery, It's a very well designed harbor, its nice to document it, as they finish the project -
I'm sure you'll be seeing many morning photo's as I do my morning mile or two..